Marketing & Cooperation
If you have any business proposal, please send your enquiry to our Marketing & Cooperation team.
Skype ID: nerissa.zhu
QQ: 1760108860
1.Cross promotion & quantity exchange:
Convenient for both parties, as there is no need to integrate SDK files while the two parties can bring each other quantity of users.
MoboRobo can offer you benefit positions including “BANNER ADS”, “FEATURED” apps, “HOT” apps, “GUESS WHAT YOU LIKE”, “LEADER OF THE DAY/WEEK” and      “EDITOR’S PICKS”.

2. Partners:
Add mutual friendly links on the websites, and introduce users or other resources to each other.

3.Content access:
If you own a website which is the app resource center, you can make a web embedded page according to our SDK Access Specification, and we will add your embedded page to our PC client where users can download the contents from your website via MoboRobo.
All the content of your website will appear in MoboRobo’s PC client, and users can download them directly via MoboRobo.
4.Affiliate schemes:
If you are a distributor, and you have your own channel to promote contents to smartphone users, then you can cooperate with us in the model of affiliate schemes. We would offer you a specific version that you can use to promote through your own channels. And we can divide the ads interests.
You can sell the ads on this specific version.
5.customized version:
If you are an operator (smartphone manufacture) and you want to provide your users better services, we can give you our authorization for free to use our product. 
We can also change the skin or customize our product as you would require.