Copyright & Disclaimers of MoboRobo - All-in-one Android Smartphone PC Manager

1. MoboRobo has the utmost respect for the hard work of app developers, and therefore we hold very high standard on the enforcement of intellectual property rights and copy rights.

2. MoboRobo intends and works very hard to make sure all Apps listed on MoboRobo and MoboMarket are authorized by their relevant developers. However, due to the large number of Apps, as well as the many employees that we have, we may have occasional misses or mistakes. If you suspect an unauthorized App listed on our site, please email us at, and we will initiate an investigation ASAP. Once we determine that your reporting is correct, we will remove the App promptly.

3. MoboRobo has working relationship with many third party content providers whose sites are linked to our software. It is our requirement for our partners, and our partners' sole responsibility, to ensure that all Apps and contents on their sites are authorized. If you find unauthorized contents on one of our third-party partner sites, you may contact the third party partner directly, or you may also contact us and we will forward your request.