How to Install Cracked Apps via iTunes

IF the file you Download is PXL format, Just ignore the following guide.
Some of you may meet some big ipa files installed by PC Suite crashed, or just can not open, and unfortunately there is no good solution to fix it right now, So we trun to iTunes, actually iTunes can  install some big cracked ipa file on your iPhone or iPod Touch normally, Following is the step-by-step tutorial(Maybe most of you have read some tutorial like this, but I believe some new iPhone users in Pandaapp forum may need this!)
First of all Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch
According your idevice model and iOS running to choose Jailbreak tool in Here
When you done the jailbreak work, Here we go Now:
Step1: (Must Known)We need install an Patch (from Cydia) to install cracked ipa files via iTunes 
Step2: If your iPhone still running iOS 2.X, you can search and install "MobileInstallationPatch" If Not goes to Step 3
Step 3: Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add
and then search and install  the following patches according to the iOS your iPhone running 
"Appsync for OS 3.0"
"Appsync for OS 3.1"
"Appsync for OS 3.2"
"Appsync for OS 4.0"
"Appsync for OS 4.1"
"Appsync for OS 4.2"(New)
"Appsync for OS 5.0+"(New) Works for iOS 6.X too
This is simple and painless. Double click on the .ipa file and sync your device. Thats it. But just in case you want to know more , this is what is happening. By double clicking the .ipa file, you will open the file with iTunes. The file will be automatically copied into iTunes library. Once iTunes is loaded and the files was opened , you just need to press sync, and the instalaltion begins.